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Bakmi Gang Kelinci - FAQ
faq bakmi gang kelinci

1. Does Bakmi Gang Kelinci serve food containing preservatives such as formalin?

Bakmi Gang Kelinci does not engage in unsafe food practices, such as adding formalin, borax or any other forms of added preservatives into our food. We only purchase ingredients from trusted and creditable suppliers with demonstrated proficiency in setting a high standard to food production. We reacted quickly to the outbreak of formalin and borax found in food served across Indonesia by undergoing rigorous checks on all our supplies. The Department of Health's Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) has declared all our food to be free from dangerous, health-threatening preservatives.

Providing safe quality food to our customers has always been our highest priority. Our restaurants are run under the strictest hygiene and professional standards to deliver food in the finest and freshest condition. All our raw ingredients are subject to carefully controlled and safe storage methods.

We believe that our customers’ safety is of utmost importance. It is no wonder that this has always been the key driver to the success of our restaurants. Our morale is never to compromise on the quality and freshness of our food. Adhering to sound ethical principles is what sets us apart from our competitors. When it comes to quality control, just ask the string of loyal customers who understand very well why Bakmi Gang Kelinci reigns among the thousands of other noodle chains in Indonesia. They are sure to tell you of the integrity of our management and would want to share with you their rich dining experience at Bakmi Gang Kelinci.

2. Does Bakmi Gang Kelinci use lard (pork fat / minyak bb) in their cooking?

No, we do not use lard in the frying of all food served at Bakmi Gang Kelinci. We also do not serve pork at Bakmi Gang Kelinci. Our meat entrée fillings and other meats served to complement our dishes are free from pork. This is what distinguishes us from other noodle restaurants in Indonesia and have made Bakmi Gang Kelinci the number one choice for noodle lovers. We cultivate on the art of practicing healthy cooking to create our trademark noodles and all other dishes by using chicken stock and vegetable oil to fry all our food and achieve outstanding results. Our unique recipe combines carefully selected ingredients to bring out the best natural taste in our dishes.

3. Does Bakmi Gang Kelinci have outlets outside Jakarta and Indonesia?

Currently, we do not have any outlets outside Jakarta or Indonesia. If you find any noodle restaurants using our brand (Bakmi Gang Kelinci) in other towns and countries, please note that we take no responsibility in the food and services that they provide. It is also equally important to note that Bakmi Gang Kelinci do not operate under any other names. We would appreciate if you could report any misuse of our logo and name to us by sending an email to

4. Does Bakmi Gang Kelinci have delivery service order?

Yes, our services are complete with delivery orders *. For more information, please contact our nearest outlet or call (021) 352 2288 or (021) 619 2288 for assistance on the menu and advice on the minimum purchase order.

5. Is Bakmi Gang Kelinci a replica to any other noodle restaurants in Jakarta?

No. Bakmi Gang Kelinci has a distinctive-original recipe which has been used for decades by the founder to produce our great tasting trademark noodles. This has earned our reputation as the leading Indonesian noodle chain of restaurants.

* At selected outlets only, subject to availability and must meet minimum order requirements.
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